About Me

First things first, I am not an SEO guru, I am not a super rich internet millionaire and most importantly, I do not know everything and won’t pretend to.

The information presented in this blog is basically a compilation of all things SEO that I have learned in my 7 years professional web orientated career and 4 years of Bachelors in computer science degree.

More about me…

vikas-thakur-avatarI am Vikas Thakur. Born and bred in Himalayas, I moved to Australia in 2012. I live in Baldivis, an outer suburb of Perth.

I help businesses build a profound online presence.

They call me small business owners’ swiss army knife (they don’t actually, but quite often it sums up my role since I work on their web design, SEO and content marketing strategy).

If you are into MBTI, I am an INTP.

What this blog is about?

Oziti Labs is a sub domain dedicated to sharing my observations, the refinements of trial and error methods and research I do while working for Oziti. The items that can not make it into Oziti’s blog are shared here.

My daily work involves working with small businesses from various industries and ‘making their phone ring’. Clients come to me for various reasons, here are some of them:

  1. Client has hit a dead end with their SEO would like to take it one step further.
  2. New business, would like their phone to ring.
  3. Website suddenly penalised, would like to recover.
  4. Devising a content marketing strategy

LABS is a backronym for Latent Semantic Indexing, Authority, Backlinks and Semantics.

In this blog, I will share what works and what doesn’t. That being said, our objective will always be to comply with the rules and not to game it or seek any shortcuts.