#BloggerInspiration 1: How these four massive blogs started out

Blogger inspiration is a series of articles that I will be publishing with an objective of inspiring new bloggers. I am not going to lie, I needed some myself.

A blogger faces several challenges in his daily life.

The competition in your niche can make you feel uninspired about your new blog.

In this article I have got just what may inspire you. We’ll re-visit the first few posts of some of the famous blogs that are successful today.

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I find deconstruction of success inspiring. Taking a look at the early work of highly successful people and businesses can give you an insight into their mindset at the time they launched their business.

Not just that…

It also provides you with heaps of motivation and ideas.

So buckle up while I rewind the time machine.

1. Mashable

Pete Cashmore, now an internet multi-millionaire, started Mashable from scratch on July the 27th, 2005.

Cashmore started pumping content about the latest trends on the internet. The quality of content was impeccable and the frequency was high. If anything was ‘up’ in the world of Social media, you would find it via Mashable.

Here’s how the site looked in it’s early days:

mashable in it's early days

Mashable in it’s early days

First five posts

If you follow Mashable, you will find that the first five posts are nowhere as interesting as what we see on Mashable today.

Mashable went on to hire a team of copywriters and is the leading news source for technology, social media and gadgets.

2. Problogger

Darren Rowse, an Australian blogger started Problogger.net, a blog about blogging on 23 Sep 2004.

Darren posted consistently trying to beat his previous day’s stats. How’s that for a motivation? Darren is also a very humble guy and that is one of the features I find quite admirable and I am sure plenty of others do too. Nobody want’s mister perfect pants because people, in general are not perfect.

Here’s what Problogger looked like in it’s early days:


First five posts

Problogger went on to become one of the leading resource for aspiring bloggers. It is worth noting that Darren was not a professional blogger when he established ‘Problogger’. His advice just resonated with his audience.

3. Techcrunch

Michael Arrington founded TechCrunch on June the 11th, 2005 as his personal blog. Arrington started pumping 2–3 articles per day. The blog grew in popularity exponentially, Arrington hired more writers to eventually become one of the top earning blog.

In the early days Arrington focused on profiling web 2.0 services. Today, Techcrunch is one of the leading technology related news resource.

techcrunch in early days

First Five Posts

First five posts published by Michael Arrington were simple profiles of web 2.0 companies.

4. Smart Passive Income

Ever since starting his blog – Smart Passive Income, Pat Flynn has become an inspiration to many online bloggers. Pat started this blog when he got laid off from his job. It is one of the reason why Pat’s blog resonates with his audience. With so many people getting laid off everyday as  ‘conventional’ jobs become harder to come by, Pat’s posts provide much needed inspiration during tough times.


First Five Posts

I highly recommend reading these early posts as they give you an insight to a successful entrepreneur’s state of mind at the start of a new business.


You will notice that at the early stages, most of these blogs had a basic layout and hence it shows that your blog’s design is not the most critical element when you are starting out. Producing quality content in line with your vision for your blog is all you should focus upon.

If you are in a highly competitive niche, take a look at your #1 competition page and ask yourself how you can provide 10x more value than what that page is providing. It takes time but you will eventually get there.

Do not forget that this list of blogs is meant to inspire you and not overwhelm you. These guys have put in a lot of work to get where they are today. It’s easy to get overwhelmed but as long as you are producing great content and promoting it well, you have got nothing to worry about.

Which blogger is your source of inspiration? Add your favourite blogger below and I will review him / her.

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  1. I really needed this kind of inspiration since I’m starting a new blog, thanks so much!

  2. Google looked a whole heap different as well, when they first started. Thanks a lot for this post. Turned out to be more inspirational than I expected. 🙂
    – Tamara

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