Here’s how the Content Marketing Landscape will change in 2016

The companies that follow marketing trends are already engaged in developing content marketing strategies. Your competition will always keep trying to better you. It is this aspect of the industry that makes it so dynamic. You must adapt to the new changes in order to grow and having a forehand knowledge of what to expect certainly helps.

In this article, I have outlined some of the changes you can expect in the content Creation and Marketing landscape in the year of 2016. Anticipating and being ready for these changes can make a huge difference to your business or working lives.

1. More Interactive Content

Interactive content is the content that allows your visitors to use the mouse, touch gestures and other means of input to do a variety of things. The idea is to increase the engagement. There are several ways we are already seeing interactive content in action. Quizzes, mortgage calculators, dynamic infographics and interactive videos are a few to name. As you can imagine, not only does this form of content provide a highly engaging experience and information it also helps you decrease your bounce rate which is an added bonus.

We already know that interactive content converts more. If you run an online store that prints custom messages on the t-shirts, providing an interactive environment where your customers can design the t-shirt with custom fonts and uploading custom images will allow them to see what the end product will look like. Such interactive stores give a lot of benefits over ‘common’ stores. In this specific scenario, you also have an opportunity to get your customers to share the t-shirt they designed. The chances of it getting shared are pretty high since this t-shirt with it’s own custom message holds a lot of social currency to our user.

Interactive content is already being deemed as the successor of landing pages. It definitely deserves a top spot in this list.

2. More Personalized content

You often buy grocery items on special and use your everyday rewards card to get points. Then one morning you get notified about a special or clearance sale that your grocery chain will be holding this weekend. You also get some recipes via e-mail that you can use your grocery items with. How awesome is that.

A report by marketing charts based on an e-consultancy survey suggests that 62% of shoppers find it an attractive prospect that their personal information is used to speed up the process of transaction.  Another similar report states that 71% of the businesses using personalised content report a high impact on engagement whilst 53% of them agreed on an increase in ROI.

There are several other social media related benefits of using the personalised content. All that being said, privacy is one of the major concerns with this approach and the onus is on the business to assure their customers that their data is safe with them and will not be shared with third parties.

3. An increase in budget for Content Creation & Marketing

It is becoming quite evident to businesses that the old ‘publish and pray’ approach is not good enough to get content noticed. We are to see an increase of budget for both content creation and marketing as more and more businesses come to this realisation.

4. Flat & Material Design in the content will become even more prevalent

Three tech giants: Google, Microsoft and Apple have all embraced flat and material design ever since Microsoft introduced the concept with in windows phone os. If you have subscribed to any of their newsletters or bought their products you would have noticed that with time, they’ve made transition to the flat design in most of their digital and print media elements.

5. Compelling storytelling will gain traction

We did a simple video with screencast on our landing page where we told our customers how the websites we design are easy to maintain. The idea was to show the maintenance, of an average website we deliver, in action. It resulted in an increase of 350% in our conversion rate.

Here’s the thing…

people remember stories, be it anything – an anecdote while public speaking, demo of an exciting new feature you have just added to your product or something in between. On the other hand, people find the boring product catalogues or bullet point slides hard to remember. Why? Because our brains, in general, find it easy to process the ‘lazy’ information.

In an average human’s life, personal stories and gossip make up 65% of our conversation (source). Our minds become more active as they listen to the stories. This research explains why that happens. Ask yourself how your brain reacts you come across one of those boring product catalogues or bullet point presentations.

When Dropbox was just starting out a simple 3 minute demo video increased their user base from 5,000 to 75,000 overnight. More and more entrepreneurs are becoming aware of the power of storytelling and in the year 2016, I believe we will see a rise in this trend.

6. More video and audio content to go with a post

With the bounce rate and time spent on a page becoming more critical than ever, anything to keep the user glued is useful. Videos, slideshows, podcasts and even the audible versions of your article are quite helpful with that. The news publications are already doing this. You’ll notice there’s always a video at the beginning of an article. Sometimes, it’s not even related, just a relevant archive footage.

Obvious, but worth a mention:

7. More emphasis on Semantic Indexing

With major search engines employing semantic indexing, most advanced business owners and bloggers are trying to get an understanding of the way it works and hence integrating it into their content marketing plans. We’ll see more websites recognizing this fact and as a result, more quality content on the internet.


These five changes in the content marketing landscape are certainly to look out for. Content Marketing will be bigger than ever. An adaptive approach that considers & respects the unique needs of your  sophisticate audience will have a high success rate.

What’s your prediction for the content marketing in 2016? Let us know in the comments below.

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