#BloggerInspiration: Sarah Titus – Homeless to $23k/mo

Glad to be bringing you the second edition of Blogger Inspiration. In this post, I interview Sarah Titus, a successful blogger who blogs at sarahtitus.com and has authored six books.

Sarah’s story is quite inspirational as she went from homeless to earning $10k/month within just a year. Now, Sarah is an inspiration to a lot of single moms and helps them understand the interwebz so that they can earn a steady income online. Continue Reading

Increase Productivity: Start getting MORE done TODAY with these 5 Tools & Habits

Aim: Increase productivity.


This shrill sound of the alarm usually wakes me up at 8am. Irritated, deprived of sleep, I usually jump straight onto my iPad next to my bed to check if I’ve had any new leads. I then spend about 15 more minutes checking yesterday’s stats for the client websites.

Then I get my breakfast ready, feed the cats (yes, I am a cat person) and get started with coding. Often when I am coding, I hop on to Google Plus, Twitter or Stack Exchange to see if there has been any activity on my comments or posts. I also keep a regular check on my inbox and respond to anything that needs answering.Continue Reading

#BloggerInspiration 1: How these four massive blogs started out

Blogger inspiration is a series of articles that I will be publishing with an objective of inspiring new bloggers. I am not going to lie, I needed some myself.

A blogger faces several challenges in his daily life.

The competition in your niche can make you feel uninspired about your new blog.Continue Reading

How to Create a Customer Persona in 27 Minutes

Persona is term used to refer to a fictional character created to represent a group of individuals using your site, app and any other product or service. Personas are used in marketing as well as the UX Design. In this post, I will use the term customer persona. If you are not running an e-commerce site, you can safely replace customer with audience or user (i.e audience persona / user persona) and follow this post.Continue Reading