The Four Phases of Creating a New Content Piece

Creating new content has become a critical part of any business’s success. Even more so since the implementation of semantic indexing. Business managers have been given an additional responsibility – content creation.

I recommend creating new content to most of my clients and as you can imagine, they are not thrilled by the idea. A small majority stick to it and try their best to produce some relevant content but after a while give up because “it’s hard” or they “don’t have enough time”. The truth is that content creation is hard. It’s not as simple as sitting down for a session and writing a masterpiece. It takes a lot more time and effort than most people realise.

I thought I would take some time to write a post about the 4 phases of content creation that one needs to understand in order to avoid the frustrations of this process. Once you know the phases involved your expectations are more realistic.Continue Reading

Increase Productivity: Start getting MORE done TODAY with these 5 Tools & Habits

Aim: Increase productivity.


This shrill sound of the alarm usually wakes me up at 8am. Irritated, deprived of sleep, I usually jump straight onto my iPad next to my bed to check if I’ve had any new leads. I then spend about 15 more minutes checking yesterday’s stats for the client websites.

Then I get my breakfast ready, feed the cats (yes, I am a cat person) and get started with coding. Often when I am coding, I hop on to Google Plus, Twitter or Stack Exchange to see if there has been any activity on my comments or posts. I also keep a regular check on my inbox and respond to anything that needs answering.Continue Reading